Keep On Haulin'

Keep your cargo secure with our trailer repair services

Having trouble with your trailer's wheels or axles? Bring it to Southside Speed Shop. You can rely on us for a wide range of trailer repair services. You can also get replacement parts from our shop, if you'd rather handle your own repairs.

Call 507-456-4215 today to talk to a mechanic about your trailer's repair needs.

3 reasons to get regular trailer repairs

If something's wrong with your trailer, you can't afford to ignore it. Regular trailer repair work helps you...

  1. Stay safe on the road: Fixing problems right away can prevent a highway disaster.
  2. Save money on future repairs: The longer you let a small problem go, the larger it becomes.
  3. Extend the life of your trailer: Prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your trailer with routine maintenance.

Don't wait until the problem is too big to ignore. Call Southside Speed Shop now to schedule a trailer repair appointment.