Need a Lift?

Need a Lift?

Southside Speed Shop offers lift kit installations

Has your vehicle reached its fullest potential? Give your truck a few extra inches of air with a lift kit. Southside Speed Shop offers lifting services for truck owners. We specialize in installing Rough Country lift kits.

Contact our shop today to learn more about our available lift kits.

How lifting gives you a tougher truck

A lift will make your truck look better, but that's not all. Lifting can improve your truck's performance...

  • On rough terrain: Rural areas can take a toll on your truck. Avoid damage from rocky and uneven terrain by lifting your vehicle.
  • In difficult weather: Once we've lifted your truck, you'll never worry about getting stuck in a snow drift again.
  • While towing: Increase your vehicle's towing capacity with professional lift service.

Get the most out of your vehicle with a lift kit installation from Southside Speed Shop. Call 507-456-4215 right away to set up an appointment with a qualified truck technician.